MTN Foundation – Business of The Year 2019

In 2019, we joined the MTN Business Foundation. The MTN Business Foundation is a joint venture between MTN, Datacomb, which is an economic development consultancy, and various other sponsors to provide incubation for startups.

They provide mentorship, guidance, training, and various other resources to help promising startups to reach their potential. They have been a great assistance for C-mple Solutions and really helped guide the company towards the right path. 

In 2019, among various other startups, we won the Business of The Year Award for the MTN Business foundation. They praised our rapid growth in the ecommerce sector. In that year, we had developed an amazing number of ecommerce websites for businesses.

We are quite honored to have won that award and earn the recognition of MTN. We are quite grateful to be part of the MTN business foundation in the first place. Their continued support for C-mple Solutions is truly a great advantage.

You can take a look at a gallery of the event here:

MTN Foundation – Business Of The Year 2019 ยป C-mple Solutions