Custom Software Development

As a business owner, you will still need custom software to manage the parts of your business that customers will never get to see.

We’ve partnered with CloudApper to allow you to manage everything for your business from inventory and assets to employees using the web and a mobile application.

CloudApper is a SaaS solution platform empowering businesses to automate tasks, improve productivity, and augment IT resources.


Pre-built and Custom Software Development

CloudApper provides many pre-built business management applications from one centralized platform which is available on the web and also on smartphones through their smartphone application.

Using CloudApper, we can also create custom software built from the ground up for your business. Here are some of the pre-built applications that are already available:

  • A maintenance management system to simplify the management of enterprise assets and equipment, maintenance schedules, inventory, work order routing, and reporting.
  • A customer relationship management system for relationship management with existing and potential customers of any enterprise. It accelerates the process of business lead capturing and qualifying, as well as keeps track of the communications for managing interactions between the company and existing or potential customers.
  • A contract management system to keep track of all the signed documents and contracts to eliminate the risk associated with missing renewal dates and poorly managed documents.
  • A fleet manager system that manages the information of cars, vans and trucks owned by the company. Service information, inspection and registration/license information for all vehicles are kept inside this application.
  • A hygienic time capture/punch card system that runs on any iOS or Android device. Employees simply scan a QR code or take their picture and identify with our face biometric system to submit punches. Protect your business and employees with a hygienic solution.

More applications can be found on the CloudApper website. All these applications are available under a single subscription.

We can also create custom software for your business using CloudApper’s platform.

Contact us if you are interested in implementing a solution for your own business.